Location and accomodation

HAIS 2011 will take place in Wroclaw, the chief city in south-western Poland. Over the centuries the city has been either part of Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia or Germany. Wroclaw is an excellent example of a multicultural metropolis situated at the interface of ethnically diverse areas. The architecture of Wroclaw reflects its history, witch dates back almost one thousand years.

Wroclaw is easily accessible from major airports all over the Europe.


Special Hotel Rates per room and night, with breakfast and VAT included, are suitable for HAIS'2011 participants:

1. Hotel Jana Pawła II ****
    Web page:
    Registration form: download

2. Hotel Lothus ***
    Web page:

     Single room 190 PLN
    Double room 230 PLN

    When booking, please enter the code: HAIS

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Other hotels in Wroclaw:

How to get to hotels and the conference venue

You can arrange for a taxi to pick you up from the airport. To do it, call one of this number:

Phone number SMS Possibly cost of transport (in polish zloty) One hour parking (in polish zloty)
71 19622 601 96 22 00 38 19
71 19191 601 511 919 43 21
71 19621   40 20
71 19626   42 19

The average cost of transport without taxi stand: 41 zl. (This prize does not include the cost of ordering a taxi cup. This is a prize only for a driven distance. Additional fee should not exceed 20-50 polish zloty.)

Hotel address:

  1. Hotel Jana Pawła II
    św. Idziego 2 street
    50-328 Wroclaw
  2. Hotel Lothus:
    Wita Stwosza 22/23 street
    50-148 Wroclaw

Conference address:
    The University of Technology
    D 20 building
    Janiszewskiego 8 street

Address in Polish:
    Politechnika Wrocławska
    budynek D20
    ul. Janiszewskiego 8

In case of any problems occurring do not hesitate to call the organizer committee member (available at number +48 692 979 578).

Traveling in Wroclaw is very easy and comfortable.

Layout by Maciej Krysmann, photographies by Szymon Sztajer