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09:00 OPENING CEREMONY Plenary talk: Prof. F. Herrera
:30 Plenary talk: Prof. J.L.Kulikowski
:45 coffee break coffee break
10:00 Plenary talk: Prof.A. Krzyżak HAIS GT6
:15 coffee break
:30 Plenary talk: Prof. A. Abraham
:45 coffee break
11:00 HAIS GT4
:15 coffee break coffee break
:30 HAIS GT1
14:00 Plenary talk: Prof. G. Schaefer Plenary talk: Prof. B.J.Oommen
:45 coffee break coffee break
15:00 HAIS
:30 HAIS
:45 HAIS
:30 18:30 Ship excursion and bonfire
:30 19:30 GALA DINNER - Museum of Architecture

Programme Details

Plenary talks

Prof. J. L. Kulikowski
    Hidden Context Influence on Pattern Recognition

Prof. A. Abraham
    Quo Vadis Hybrid Intelligent Systems: New Trends and Approaches

Prof. G. Schaefer
    Interactive exploration of image collections

Prof. A. Krzyżak
    Application of Pattern Recognition Techniques to Analysis of Histopathological

Prof. J. Llinas
    Reflections on Concepts of Employment for Modern Information Fusion and Artificial
    Intelligence Technologies

Prof. B. J .Oommen
    A New Tool for the Modeling of AI and Machine Learning

Prof. F. Herrera
    Imbalanced Classification: Common Approaches and Open Problems

Monday            11:30 – 13.00

Session                   HAIS GT1 - Keith J. Burnham

HAIS11-G-1595                      A Genetic Algorithm Applied to a Main Sequence Stellar Model

HAIS11-G-1601                      Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Strategy Generation in the Commons Game

HAIS11-G-1602                      Network Defense Strategies for Maximization of Network Survivability under Malicious Attacks

HAIS11-G-1617                      Fuzzy Control of Trade-off Between Exploration and Exploitation Properties of Evolutionary Algorithms

HAIS11-G-1618                      Hybridization of Evolutionary Algorithm with Yule Walker Method to Design Minimal Phase Digital Filters with Arbitrary
                                             Amplitude Characteristics

Session                   HAIS SS11 - Dragan Simic

HAIS11-SS11-1628                A Hybrid Color Distance for Image Segmentation

HAIS11-SS11-1660                Empirical Study of Q-Learning Based Elemental Hose Transport Control

HAIS11-SS11-1676                Towards concurrent Q-Learning on Linked Multi-Component Robotic Systems

HAIS11-SS11-1757                Evolutionary Procedure for the Progressive Design of Controllers for Collective Behaviors

HAIS11-SS11-1827                Topos 2: Spiking Neural Networks for Bipedal Walking in Humanoid Robots

Session                   HAIS SS01 - Alberto Ochoa

HAIS11-SS01-1785                Outlier Analysis for Plastic Card Fraud Detection A Hybridized and Multi-objective Approach

HAIS11-SS01-1820                Comparative Analysis of Recombination Operators in Genetic Algorithms for the Travelling Salesman Problem

HAIS11-SS01-1821                Multiple Local Searches to Balance Exploitation and Exploration in Memetic Algorithm for the Linear Ordering Problem

HAIS11-SS01-1823                Enhancing Accuracy of Hybrid Packing Systems through General-Purpose Characterization

Session                   CORES FLC1 - Maciej Smiatacz

CORES 3                                   Modified Ranked Order Adaptive Median Filter for Impulse Noise Removal

CORES 23                                A shape description language for osteophytes detection in upper surfaces of the metacarpophalangeal joints

CORES 13                                Estimation of Tolerance Relation on the Basis of Pairwise Comparisons

CORES 16                                Radial Basis Function Kernel Optimization for Pattern Classification

CORES 20                                Evaluation of reliability of a decision-making process based on Pattern Recognition

Session                   CORES IPVC1 - Bogusław Cyganek

CORES 10                                Variable Complexity Reduction in Image Grade Decomposition

CORES 12                                Analysis of Inter-Rater Agreement among Human Observers who Judge Image Similarity

CORES 17                                Textural features for scribble-based image colorization

CORES 21                                Palette generation in L*a*b* colour space using deltaE

CORES 22                                Colour Image Quality Assessment Using the Combined Full-Reference Metric

Monday           15:00 – 17.00

Session                   HAIS SS03 - José Ramón Villar

HAIS11-SS03-1621                Improving classification performance of BCIs by using stationary Common Spatial Patterns and unsupervised bias

HAIS11-SS03-1637                A Simple Proactive Provider Participation Technique in a Mesh-Based Peer-to-Peer Streaming Service

HAIS11-SS03-1716                Modelling non-stationarities in EEG data with Robust Principal Component Analysis

HAIS11-SS03-1723                Performance Evaluation of Road Traffic Control Using a Fuzzy Cellular Model

HAIS11-SS03-1726                An Improved Heuristic for the Bandwidth Minimization based on Genetic Programming

HAIS11-SS03-1772                Simple Emergent Behavior in Cournot Games - an Evolutionary Approach

HAIS11-SS03-1844                An Study of the Tree Generation Algorithms in Equation Based Model Learning with Low Quality Data

Session                   HAIS GT2 - Edwin Lughofer

HAIS11-G-1639                      Automatic Identification Approach for Sea Surface Bubbles Detection

HAIS11-G-1651                      The Application of Artificial Intelligence Hybrid in Traffic Flow

HAIS11-G-1654                      Diagnosis of partial discharge using Self Organizing Maps and Hierarchical Clustering ? An approach

HAIS11-G-1657                      Bayesian segmentation of Magnetic Resonance images using the alpha-stable distribution

HAIS11-G-1674                      On-line Valuation of Residential Premises with Evolving Fuzzy Models

HAIS11-G-1677                      Investigation of Genetic Algorithms with Self-adaptive Crossover, Mutation, and Selection

HAIS11-G-1683                      Hybrid Multi-Agent System for knowledge management in Distributed Control System

HAIS11-G-1756                      Delta Analysis: A Hybrid Quantitative Approach for Measuring Discrepancies between Business Process Models

Session                   HAIS GT3 - Mario Gongora

HAIS11-G-1685                      SVM with controlled confidence and PLS for quantifying the effects of acupuncture on migraine patients

HAIS11-G-1690                      Detection of pathologies in wireless capsule endoscopy images

HAIS11-G-1695                      Effective Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease by means of Distance Metric Learning

HAIS11-G-1700                      Risk estimation of hierarchical classifier

HAIS11-G-1704                      Active Selection of Datasetoids for Meta-Learning

HAIS11-G-1708                      A parallel Genetic Programming algorithm for classification

HAIS11-G-1711                      Evolutionary Algorithm for P2P Multicasting Network Design Problem

HAIS11-G-1874                      Visual System for Automatic Eye Recognition

Session                   CORES Biometrics - Piotr Porwik

CORES 55                                On-line signature recognition based on reduced set of points

CORES 59                                Pose Invariant Face Recognition Method Using Stereo Vision

CORES 66                                Subspace Algorithms for Face Verification

CORES 67                                Fingerprint Orientation Field Enhancement

CORES 72                                Lip print recognition based on mean dierences similarity measure

CORES 73                                Human Vein Pattern Correlation - A Comparison of Segmentation Methods

CORES 93                                Knuckle Recognition for Human Identification

Session                   CORES KABRM - Grabska/Stąpor

CORES 11                                Artefactual Reasoning in a Hypergraph-Based CAD System

CORES 6                                   Conceptual Design with the Use of Graph-Based Structures

CORES 25                                Using graph mining approach to automatic reasoning in design support systems

CORES 33                                A new approach to multi-class SVM-based classication using error correcting output codes

CORES 56                                Fractal dimension in the landscape change estimation

CORES 76                                An Oversegmentation Method for Handwritten Character Segmentation

Tuesday            11:00 – 13.00

Session                   HAIS GT4 - Alvaro Herrero

HAIS11-G-1712                      A Focused Wave Front Algorithm for Mobile Robot Path Planning

HAIS11-G-1715                      Evolving Temporal Fuzzy Association Rules from Quantitative Data with a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm

HAIS11-G-1717                      Stereovision-based Obstacle Avoidance Procedure for Autonomous Mobile Platforms

HAIS11-G-1719                      Detecting Unknown Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks using Clustering Techniques

HAIS11-G-1730                      A Hybrid System with Regression Trees in Steel-making Process

HAIS11-G-1732                      Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Modelling and Simulated Annealing for Real-World Inventory Management

HAIS11-G-1737                      An Evidential Fusion Architecture for People Surveillance in Wide Open Areas

Session                   HAIS SS04 - Lauro Snidaro

HAIS11-SS04-1705                RT-MLR: A Hybrid Framework for Context-Aware Systems

HAIS11-SS04-1734                DAFNE - A Distributed Adaptive Fusion Engine

HAIS11-SS04-1751                Context representation and fusion via likelihood masks for target tracking

HAIS11-SS04-1815                Adaptive Data Fusion For Air Traffic Control Surveillance

HAIS11-SS04-1819                Dynamic channel model LMS updating for RSS-based localization

HAIS11-SS04-1836                Improving the Accuracy of Action Classification using View-Dependent Context Information

HAIS11-SS04-1837                A General Purpose Context Reasoning Environment to Deal with Tracking Problems: An Ontology-based Prototype

Session                   CORES MiscApp - Michał Choraś

CORES 38                                A New Star Identification Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Algorithms

CORES 78                                Determining Feature Points for Classification of Vehicles

CORES 80                                Edge detection using CNN for the localization of non-standard licence plate

CORES 88                                Articial Neural Network Approach for Evaluation of Gas Sensor Array Responses

CORES 89                                Developing Decision Tree for Identification of Critical Voltage Control Areas

CORES 95                                A Review: Approach of Fuzzy Models Applications in Logistics   

CORES 96                                Expansion of Matching Pursuit Methodology for Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks

Session                   CORES MedApp - Adam Krzyżak

CORES 8                                   Instantaneous measurement of SNR in electrocardiograms based on quasi-continuous time-scale noise modeling

CORES 9                                   Data Queuing for Non-uniform Telemedical Reporting

CORES 62                                Discriminating power of an sample entropy and a nonlinear association index in prediction of a preterm labor based
                                                on electrohysterographical signals

CORES 81                                Estimation of wandering ECG signal baseline using detection of characteristic points in PQRST complex for avoiding
                                               distortions in complex morphology

CORES 85                                Continuous Wavelet Transform As Effective Tools For Detecting Motion Artefacts In Electrogastrographical Signals

CORES 86                                Asymmetry of digital images describing melanocytic skin lesions

CORES 104                              Application of Pattern Recognition Techniques for the Analysis of Histopathological Images


Session                   CORES IPVC2 - Bogdan Smołka

CORES 29                                Gesture data modeling and classification based on critical points approximation

CORES 30                                Evaluation of Illumination Compensation Approaches for ELGBPHS

CORES 35                                Efficient Stamps Classification by Means of Point Distance Histogram and Discrete Cosine Transform

CORES 36                                Color image retrieval based on mixture approximation and color region matching

CORES 41                                LAMDA Methodology Applied to Image Vector Quantization

CORES 42                                Detection of semantically signicant image elements using neural networks

CORES 43                                The effect of multiple training sequences on HMM classification of motion capture gesture data

Tuesday            15:30 – 18.00

Session                   HAIS SS06 - Francisco Martínez-Álvarez

HAIS11-SS06-1606                Fusion of Similarity Measures for Time Series Classification

HAIS11-SS06-1612                Enhancing IPADE algorithm with a different individual codification

HAIS11-SS06-1648                A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach for Subgroup Discovery

HAIS11-SS06-1696                Gene Regulatory Networks Validation Framework based in KEGG

HAIS11-SS06-1699                Computational Intelligence Techniques for Predicting Earthquakes

HAIS11-SS06-1728                Reduct-Based Analysis of Decision Algorithms: Application in Computational Stylistics

HAIS11-SS06-1731                Evolutionary Protein Contact Maps Prediction based on Amino Acid Properties

HAIS11-SS06-1759                A comparative study between two regression methods on LiDAR data: a case study

HAIS11-SS06-1770                Analysis of Measures of Quantitative Association Rules

Session                   HAIS SS07 - Emilio Corchado

HAIS11-SS07-1661                Supervised Rule Based Thermodynamic Cycles Design Technique

HAIS11-SS07-1703                Deformation based features for Alzheimer's disease detection with linear SVM

HAIS11-SS07-1722                A hybrid system for survival analysis after EVAR treatment of AAA

HAIS11-SS07-1901                A Hybrid Intelligent System for Generic Decision for PID Controllers Design in Open-Loop

Session                   HAIS SS10 - Manuel Graña

HAIS11-G-1867                      A Computational Assessment of a Blood Vessel's Contractility: a Procedure Based on Coronary Calcium Scores

HAIS11-SS10-1753                A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence System for Assistance in Remote Monitoring of Heart Patients

HAIS11-SS10-1877                Hybrid Patient Classification System in Nursing Logistics Activities

HAIS11-SS10-1879                An Approach of Soft Computing Applications in Clinical Neurology

HAIS11-SS10-1903                A Hybrid System for Dental Milling parameters

HAIS11-SS10-1904                Clustering Ensemble for Spam Filtering

Session                   HAIS SS05 - Konrad Jackowski

HAIS11-SS05-1594                Accuracy Updated Ensemble for Data Streams with Concept Drift

HAIS11-SS05-1678                Classifier Ensembles in Environments with Virtual Concept Drift - the Dynaboost Algorithm

HAIS11-SS05-1727                On Performance of DRSA-ANN Classifier

HAIS11-SS05-1748                Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Aggregation Operations for Combining Classifiers for Natural Textures in Images

HAIS11-SS05-1791                A generalization of majority voting scheme for medical image detectors

HAIS11-SS05-1803                An Efficient Hybrid Classification Algorithm - an Example from Classification in Palliative Care

HAIS11-SS05-1840                An Effective Feature Selection Algorithm based on the Class Similarity used with an RDA Classifier to Protein Fold

HAIS11-SS05-1859                Empirical comparison of resampling metods using genetic neural networks for a regression problem

HAIS11-SS05-1871                Structured Output Element Ordering in Boosting-based Classification

Session                   HAIS GT5 - Sung-Bae Cho

HAIS11-G-1739                      Artificial Neural Networks for Software Testing Selection Method

HAIS11-G-1745                      Combining OWL ontology and schema annotations in metadata management

HAIS11-G-1746                      Benchmarking IBHM method using NN3 competition dataset

HAIS11-G-1750                      Face Tracking Using Adaptive Appearance Models and Convolutional Neural Network

HAIS11-G-1752                      Genetic Selection of Subgraphs for Automatic Reasoning in Design Systems

HAIS11-G-1754                      Controlling the Prediction Accuracy by Adjusting the Abstraction Levels

HAIS11-G-1895                      A Hybrid Context-aware Wearable System with Evolutionary Optimization and Selective Inference of Dynamic Bayesian

HAIS11-G-1896                      Global/Local Hybrid Learning of Mixture-of-Experts from Labeled and Unlabeled Data

HAIS11-G-1906                      Activity Recognition using Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models on a Smartphone with 3D Accelerometer

Session                   CORES FLC2 - Mariusz Flasiński

CORES 27                                Prototype extraction of a single-class area for the condensed 1-NN rule

CORES 28                                Robust nonparametric regression with output in SO(3)

CORES 40                                Time Series Prediction with Periodic Kernels

CORES 75                                Designing Structured Sparse Dictionaries for Sparse Representation Modeling

CORES 83                                Run-Time Analysis for the Mixture of Experts Model

CORES 90                                Fuzzy clustering finding prototypes on classes boundary

CORES 94                                Syntactic pattern recognition: survey of frontiers and crucial methodological issues

CORES 105                              Privacy preserving models of k-NN algorithm

Wednesday      10:00 – 11.15

Session                   HAIS GT6 - Leszek Koszałka

HAIS11-G-1761                      Analysis of face gestures for Human-Computer Interaction

HAIS11-G-1763                      Assessing Safety of Object Pushing Using the Principle of Reversibility

HAIS11-G-1774                      Class Prediction in Microarray Studies Based on Activation of Pathways

HAIS11-G-1775                      An Analysis of ECG Waveforms Using the Particle Swarm Optimization and the Support Vector Machine Classifier

HAIS11-G-1845                      Towards Automatic Image Annotation Supporting Document Understanding

Session                   HAIS GT7

HAIS11-G-1779                      Fuzzy Modeling of Customer Behaviour in the Virtual Marketplace

HAIS11-G-1781                      An Algorithm Based on Genetic Fuzzy Systems for the Selection of Routes in Multi-Sink Wireless Sensor Networks

HAIS11-G-1784                      Hybrid Analytical and ANN-based Modelling of Sensors Nonlinear Dynamic Properties

HAIS11-G-1796                      An Improved Annealing Algorithm for Throughput Maximization in Static Overlay-Based Multicast Systems

HAIS11-G-1839                      An Exploratory Research on Text-Independent Speaker Recognition

Session                   HAIS GT8 - Vaclav Snasel

HAIS11-G-1800                      An Implementation of Differential Evolution for Independent Tasks Scheduling on GPU

HAIS11-G-1804                      Collaborative Community Detection in Complex Networks

HAIS11-G-1809                      JCLEC meets WEKA!

HAIS11-G-1814                      An Argumentation Framework for Supporting Agreements in Agent Societies Applied to Customer Support

HAIS11-G-1838                      Finger Vein Pattern Extraction Algorithm

Wednesday      11:30 – 12.45

Session                   CORES IPVC3 - Bogdan Kwolek

CORES 45                                A Generic Approach to the Texture Detection Problem in Digital Images

CORES 48                                Waterball - iterative watershed algorithm with reduced oversegmentation

CORES 51                                A Semi-local Topological Constraint for Efficient Detection of Near-duplicate Image Fragments

CORES 60                                Spatio-Temporal Filters in video stream processing

Session                   CORES IPVC4 - Andrzej Żołnierek

CORES 61                                Simplifying SURF feature descriptor to achieve real-time performance

CORES 71                                Algorithm for Accurate Determination of Contact Angles in Vision System for High-Temperature Measurements of
                                               Metals and Alloys Surface Properties

CORES 92                                Stereovision System for Visually Impaired

Session                   CORES SWR - Jerzy Sas

CORES 18                                Stochastic modelling of sentence semantics in speech recognition

CORES 44                                Thai Character Recognition Using “Snakecut” technique

CORES 77                                Regularized NNLS Algorithms for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Application to Text Document Clustering

CORES 100                              Distant co-occurrence language model for ASR in loose word order languages

Tuesday           15:00 – 15.30

Poster Session    HAIS

HAIS11-SS08-1863                Rule-based expert system dedicated for technological applications

HAIS11-SS08-1868                Concept of a data exchange agent system for automatic construction of simulation models of manufacturing processes

HAIS11-SS08-1869                Evaluation of the risk in production systems with a parallel reliability structure taking into account its acceptance level

HAIS11-SS08-1872                Production Preparation and Order Verification Systems Integration Using Method Based on Data Transformation and Data Mapping

HAIS11-SS08-1873                Object-Oriented Models in an Integration of CAD/CAPP/CAPP Systems

HAIS11-SS05-1890                Probabilistic Approach to the Dynamic Ensemble Selection Using Measures of Competence and Diversity of Base

HAIS11-SS05-1925                Complexity and multithreaded implementation analysis of one class-classifiers fuzzy combiner

HAIS11-SS05-1937                Costs-sensitive Classification in Multistage Classifier with Fuzzy Observations of Object Features

Poster Session    CORES

CORES 53                                Unified view of decision tree learning machines for the purpose of meta-learning

CORES 101                              New Measures of Classifier Competence -- Heuristics and Application to the Design of Multiple Classifier Systems

CORES 106                              Some Properties of Binary Classifier with Fuzzy-Valued Loss Function

CORES 14                                A Tool for Implementing and Evaluating Image Processing Algorithms inside FPGA Circuits

CORES 26                                Model-based 3D human motion capture using particle swarm optimization

CORES 50                                Kernel postprocessing of multispectral images

CORES 58                                Morphology-based method for reconstruction of invisible road parts on remote sensing imagery and digitized maps

CORES 87                                A Fuzzy C-Means Based Color Impulse Noise Detection and its Benefits for Color Image Filtering

CORES 19                                Analysis of isopotential areas in sequences of EEG maps

CORES 54                                Robust estimation of respiratory rate based on linear regression

CORES 69                                Knowledge Extraction for Heart Image Segmentation

CORES 99                                Fuzzy clustering and adaptive thresholding based segmentation method for breast cancer diagnosis

CORES 37                                Two-Stage Data Reduction For SVM Classifier in a Face Recognition Algorithm Based on the Active Shape Mode

CORES 52                                User Authentication Based on Keystroke Dynamics Analysis

Layout by Maciej Krysmann, photographies by Szymon Sztajer